Payment Providers for international countries without Stripe (any suggestion?)

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Hi, I just started my store yesterday and am only using Paypal Express Checkout as the main payment method. I live in South Korea, where Stripe is not supported. I have the option of using Paypal Express Checkout, 2checkout, Asiabill,  and Sezzle.


Currently, I am experiencing more than 70% of "initiated checkout" customers not converting. It could possibly be due to other reasons, but since some of them contacted via email asking for other option for payment, I want to add another payment method.


I went through 2checkout approval process, but they declined since my product, beauty-and-health-related, goes against their legally accepted product list. I am mostly focusing on the health products so 2checkout could be an option later for some kind of a smartphone case store, but not for the store I run currently.


I googled some of the other methods, such as adding Paymentwall as an "Alternative payments", but they have horrible reviews on TrustPilot. And they have crazy fees of 3.9% + $.30 per transaction. And Asiabill does not even have the proper English page.


So my question is, what could be the best choice for the store that has the following problems?

  • Only has Paypal Express Checkout
  • Doesn't have Stripe as an option
  • Sells product not allowed on  2checkout (beauty/health product claiming to treat/improve conditions)

Has anyone used alternative payment methods like Paymentwall before?


Thank you!

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Did you get feedback on this question? I have the same topic. I have addressed it to Shopify so if I have feedback I will let you know.


Are you selling your products with USD or KRW? Does this have an implementation? as I see this statement below on Shopify.

You should review any potential legal or tax implications involved with selling in a currency that is different from the one associated with the country where your store is located.
Another user was rejected by 2checkout as his beauty products were unchecked/tested products from Korea to USA, but it looks like its all...



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No feedback yet. I think Korea is one of the countries with an extreme restriction on payment gateways.


I thought about 2checkout but the product selection would be very limited so I am looking for another one. 


I also want to know how Paymentwall is if there's anyone who's used its service before.

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Hi Seojeo


Have you thought about using Klarna as an alternative paymnet option? Integration to your site is easy and seamless