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Hello everybody,

It´s my first online store, I´m still deciding which is the best solution for my business.

I´m in Portugal, and want to sell clothing to USA.

There is any good solutions to reduce cost for payment gateways and shipping rates for my case? Since Shopify Payment and Shopify Shipping are restricted to USA.

I talked with most of the carriers here (fedex, TNT, MRW, Chronopost...), and the best price I could get from Portugal to USA is 20€ for a package of 0,5kg. 

It´s too high for my customers.

And regarding the payment methods. Since I can´t have Shopify payment (busiess in Europe), I´m going to be charged transaction fees os 1% for the Shopify Plan or 2% for Basic, PLUS fees from the gateways apps (paypal, strike, etc etc). In my case, it´s going to be 8% transaction fee for each singular product sale.

Please, any help or suggestion?

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I can't give you any info on the payment, however, on the shipping part some suggestions might help. A better way to approach this would be to use your own account and start shipping steadily. Once you start shipping, it may take some time to get volumes. However, if you start getting volumes, then you can definitely approach the carriers and ask for a renegotiation. This will drastically reduce the shipping rats for you. You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for getting negotiated rates.

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Looking forward to work with you in the future.

Thank you !

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