Payment gateway for Adult Products?

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Anyone out there selling adult products on Shopify that can reccomend to me a good payment gateway to use that allows sale of adult products?

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Hi Kevin!

Liam here from Shopify - thank you for your question :)

Depending on where you are based you will have different options for payment gateways, so I would recommend that you "shop around" to confirm with the gateways themselves if your products can be processed through them. For example if you are based in the US you can see which gateways are available here and you might consider NETbilling, First Data Payeezy, and Paypal. 

Hope this helps with these types of sales, if you have any other questions, just let me know!


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You didn't answer the question. Kevin specifically asked for a payment processor for ADULT products, which Shopify Payments won't process. All Shopify employees just tell people in our situation to do is "shop around" which doesn't help us at all.

If Shopify can't get off their moral high-horse and refuse to take our money, the least you could do is point us in the direction of a processor to use instead of your whole list of processors.

On a side note, it's absurd and offensive to those of us who run legitimate adult products companies to be lumped in with child pornography content and illegal sexual services vendors:
Sexually-oriented products or services categorized as:

  • Child pornography
  • Fetish gear and services including S&M paraphernalia
  • Hard-core sexually oriented products and services
  • International match-making services
  • Pornographic materials displaying sexually explicit pictures, images, and videos
  • Sexually explicit telephone or online conversations and chat
  • Sexually-oriented dating services, including companion/escort services and prostitution
  • Sexually-oriented massage parlors, sex shows, sex clubs, topless bars, strip shows, and other adult entertainment
  • Widgets that allow you to access pornography or pornographic ads

That's something the Shopify team should change as well. It adds an excessive amount of non-legitimacy to our businesses.

Please answer the question.


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- Charlie
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Hi guys!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for asking here about a payment gateway that will handle Adult merchandise.

As you can see, this is a tricky one to answer; as each third-party gateway will have differing policies here which they of course can change at any point.

From my experience, 2CheckoutStripe and PayPal will work with you here, but again it would be advisable to research this or even contact the gateway providers directly to confirm their policies here.

As for the legal terms of Shopify Payments, these are just that; legal requirements of our banking partners which we are not in a position to debate.

I understand your position here, especially with regard to the language used in this passage of the terms; but again, these are legal documents with requirements behind them which we can't alter.

I hope this information helps, if you need any more specific support for your store then please get in touch directly via out support channels. :)

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Quick update.

Stripe does not as of 1/17/2017 (even with a sweet discount coupon!) PayPal had no problem, and I was up & running in 2 hours. It's $30/month, but they assured me there'd be no problems ever.

Try that.

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And thanks for the human reply, John. Much better than most that we receive. :)

Just clarifying: Shopify has NO control over the text on their website to separate out legal & legitimate adult/BDSM/fetish products from child pornography? Again, we're not asking for the antiquated rules to be changed (our combined legal teams can't take on the banks), but I want to reiterate how insulting and stigmatizing it is to be listed DIRECTLY under child pornography. At minimum, two sections: legal & illegal businesses instead of lumping ALL adult-related services & products under one section.

1) Can that at least be acknowledged by someone that the wording is a bit egregeous?

2) What is meant by adult & BDSM products being "high-risk"? Are banks afraid of someone suing them because someone got bruised by a paddle or something? Aren't kitchen knives, or for that matter any kid's toy with a plastic bag to suffocate in, FAR more high-risk? It relates back to point #1: so much illegitimate stigma for legitimate businesses.

Thanks again,


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I would also like to see this be addressed.

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I've also got bumped intpo this problem some time ago.

Just to clarify once and forever:


They have blocked all my PayPal accounts (American, German and Russian) by finding only ONE confirmed transaction of selling my Digital Magazine with Non-Nude images WHICH an old lady from PayPal's European office has considered an 'adult content".

I was banned from PayPal for only that. Forever.
With no right to appeal.
As simple as that.


Logic behind:
I've used Shopify + PayPal payments.
So, actually PayPal had no reason to block me because all checkout & payment proceses were done from the address
That is really a great solutino from Shopify guys! (applause).

But then it was a moment when my customer asked for a direct Invoice via PayPal, where on the desctiption I MISTAKENLY written the domain name of my website.

The old ladies in PayPal have immediately caught that and blocked me on PayPal for life.

So, please BE CARFUL and watch with ATTENTION what will be on your PayPal transaction details - for each of your sale of adult products via Shopify.

I hope this helps you and everyone selling adult content online via Shopify + PayPal.


Now I'm in progress of company registration, and will try opening a PayPal for the company under a hired person's name - and see how it goes.
My logic: if no mentioning of your website/product is transferred from Shopify to PayPal during the transaction - then you're safe, and PayPal won't be able to do anything about you. 
Because they can't block '' address from their business LOL.

But if a single piece of information leaks to PayPal that would refer them to your website and your products - that's a full stop.
Please pay attention.

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