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So last night I got a email stating that if I didn’t give my ssn by feb 5th 12:25am my payouts would be put on hold. So I enter my SSN then it asks me for a photo ID and the last name is wrong I contact them they change the last name I have until feb 5th 1:38AM EST to give my ID. Fine I’m fine with sending in my ID. But I have a 5,777$ payout on the 4th! Will I still get this payout if I wait to upload my ID til the payout is sent OR is my payout account on hold already?! Trying to figure out what’s best here. If I don’t get paid on the 4th I can not pay my supplier for the 5 items I need! But if I wait to upload my ID and my payments are already on hold now it will delay the payout even more since it takes them 3 business days to review the ID! Help please any advice is really appreciated!
Oh also it says that during the time I send my ID in for those 3 business days payment account will be on hold. Specifically during those 3 days so does that mean once I submit my ID my account goes on hold? Or is it already on hold??
Thanks again!
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Hey there, @Dsgnrco!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! It sounds like you're referring to your Shopify Payments Payout account, is that right? I'd be happy to take a look into your account for further clarification on what the current status is.

To do so, I'll first need to properly authenticate you in order to gain access to review your account. I've gone ahead and sent you an email to the email address associated to your Community Forums account. If this is the same email address used for the Account Owner of your Shopify store, then you'll simply need to respond with your URL. If you use a separate email address, I ask that you please CC the correct email address and reply to the email thread through there. Once I have authenticated you, I'll be able to review your account and explain what the status is and when you can expect your payout.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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