Payment provider that doesn’t shaft you like Shopify payments?

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So, after doing about a million in sales with Shopify sites I’m fed up and sick of them allowing people to make chargebacks 90 days later. I’m over it and sick of handing scammers money. Never won a chargeback in 3 years... can anyone suggest a payment provider that’s acrually good and stands behind the business unlike Shopify payments? 


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Hi, Brandon.

Dallas from the Social Care Team here at Shopify.

I am sorry that you have gone through some chargebacks in the past. I completely understand how frustrating they always are! 

I will be happy to help you find another payment provider. This link will give you a list for all of the available options in the United States.  

However, with that being said, I will let you know that if you use another payment provider you will be subject to transaction fees and you will still be at risk for chargebacks in the future. When it comes to chargebacks they aren't something that just go along with Shopify Payments. They are possible with any payment provider since they are from customers contacting their bank and disputing an order. This link here will give you a bit more information about chargebacks and the intricate details on how they work.

Instead, you may want to look into some fraud prevention techniques. This will hopefully prevent the sales that will turn into chargebacks. This link here will go into more detail on fraud prevention with Shopify and some steps that you can take to avoid the horrible situations like chargebacks. 

An app that can hopefully assist with this, as well, is Fraud Filter.

Now with all of this being said, I can't promise that any of these options will guarantee no more chargebacks. However, they are great steps to take as preventative measures. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions by replying back to this forum post. 


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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It’s not just about allowing chargebacks but it’s about Shopify allowing people to get their money from me 90 days later. That’s insane. Amazon or eBay won’t even allow you to do that and they’re the most lenient stores out there. It makes zero sense. I literally handed $280 to someone who bought something three months ago.. thanks Shopify. . Theres no way this is common practice with the other payment providers 

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And fraud filter is a joke. When you sell as much as I do I’d be spending $375 a month on a “maybe” insusrance”. May as well just give one order a month to a scammer it’s purely cheaper than the insurance. There is zero guaranteed protection with Shopify or the fraud service. Shopify only caters to the customer. Period. I’ve spent hours on the phone with you guys about this. Hours. Always the same result and I always lose. 

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Chargebacks are a pain and absolutely stacked in the customers favor. I'd suggest you do some reading into chargebacks and some of the history. I don't mean that in a condescending way either - it's a good topic for people starting out and those having great success to understand better. I probably do too, but here's my two cents.

If we're talking about payments made with a credit card the chargeback timeframe limit is set by the provider (visa, mastercard, etc) and not the the platform. Moving to another gateway won't let you skip that given the rules/regulations set by visa/mc/etc still apply to credit cards.

Under Visa’s chargeback rules there's a 75 and 120 days window (so 90 is a common average you'll see) that a platform has to be able to seek reimbursement for the customer. For disputed transactions made outside the Visa scheme rule timeframes there's still a process that the platform/bank has to jump through, but the merchant doesn't see that part.

I'll admit I know far less on the paypal side but last I looked claims could be made up to 180 days in some circumstances but there is some protection baked into that.

If you've got some info that tells me I'm wrong on the above don't be shy in sharing. Always up for new insights into this one.

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Chargeback is part and parcel of e-commerce especially friendly chargeback like change of mind etc.

We should consider install more fraud detection add-on to give us a different point-of-view on each transaction.