Payment reminder emails? (an alternative to recurring emails)

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I am looking to build a groceries subscription box business website. What i'm looking to achieve is to provide the customer options to choose 'baskets' which are delivered every month. However, my country does not allow for recurring billing and each transaction has a mandatory 2-step authentication process.

Therefore, an alternative is to send across monthly emails and messages that will remind the subscriber to complete payment for that month before a cut-off date. Once the subscriber finishes payment, we can begin the shipment process.

My doubts are on the following:

  • Is there any app that can automatically send across payment reminder emails and messages, leading the user straight to the checkout page?
  • Is there a way in which a new order can automatically be generated every month for each customer who choses to subscribe to the 'basket of the month'? This implies that the user just has to complete payment every month without really having to add the basket to their cart everytime.
  • Is there any option to allow for customizing the basket of the month, maybe just before checking out?

I am entirely new to Shopify and am considering the platform as it appears that the above functionalities are possible. I'll really appreciate it if anyone can clear my doubts and lead me in the right direction.

Thank you!


Hi @shashank_kandac,


I see you posted this in 2017 so maybe things have changed in your country. Anyways... 

We can maybe help you in some way. We developed an app to automatically remind customers to pay their pending orders. Find the link below.

Unfortunately, we can't help with all of your requests but maybe you can make use of it in the first point you listed.


Raphael from Kindly

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Send reminders to recover forgotten orders.