Payments Account On Hold

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Hi There 


I have the exact same issue !!


I am a new account and made sales however Shopify is holding onto my sales money.


the issue i had was i was selling some marvel products. was told about this. 

then i deleted them from my store and confirm this in several emails however my account is still pending since 19th February !!!

Sent several emails to support but email address seems to be incorrect.

Loosing the will here and trying to run a buisiness.


please HELP PLEASE !!


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I am so glad I found this thread. 

I opened a store on 3/12/2021 and had the red banner of doom that evening. I sent in all the requested documents that night and still have yet to receive an answer other than "it's in our queue". 

I just messaged their Facebook page, so hopefully I will get some sort of feedback soon. It has been 30 days now, I have thousands waiting in Shopify payments to be deposited and I am to the point of pure frustration.