Payments are not processing.

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I am new to shopify. I tried to test out the payments for my store. But the payments are not processing. What could be the problem?

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Hey there, @harpreetavi6!

Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Welcome to Shopify, and thanks for posting! I'd be happy to see if we can work together to determine what seems to be the issue with your trial transaction. There are a few different ways merchants can simulate order transactions, which way did you place a test order? Are you seeing any errors, at all? If so, providing a screenshot or screen-recording can help us get to the root of the issue.

Shopify Payments

If you're using Shopify Payments, you can enable test mode in your Shopify Payments Settings. Once test mode is turned on, you can check-out some products on your store and simulate a successful transaction at the checkout by entering the credentials found in this guide. There will be no funds exchanged during this transaction. Instead, this will create a test order in your Admin with a banner at the top that looks like this:


The only instances in which using the Shopify Payments test mode should not work are if you've simulated a failed transaction, or entered incorrect credentials.

Third-party payment gateway

If you're using a Third-party payment gateway, your payment provider might have their own test mode. Check out their payment gateway documentation or contact their support team to see if they have a means of testing transactions. If you've used their test mode to simulate a transaction, you'll want to ensure that you're entering the correct test mode credentials.

You can also place a test order with a real transaction before canceling and refunding the order. If you choose to do this, I recommend refunding yourself as soon as possible to avoid paying transaction fees. There could be a few different reasons why a real transaction may fail. You'll want to ensure that the credit card you've used is a supported credit card capable of online shopping and with funds.

Any questions or concerns regarding issues with third-party payment gateways are best directed to the payment provider.

Bogus-payment gateway

Alternatively, you can use the Bogus Payment Gateway to place a test order; however, this will be used in place of the payment gateway you plan to use for real transactions. The only reason why these transactions may fail is if the credentials weren't entered correctly. You can find the credential conditions here.

Where can I find more information?

In either case, you should be able to get more information on the failed transaction in your Admin by going to Orders > Abandoned checkouts and selecting the failed order in question. In the History section of the order, you should be able to locate the payment event. Clicking on the payment event will unfurl further information on the gateway used, the status of the transaction, and an error message.

If you're still unsure why the payment failed after reviewing that information, you'll want to reach out to the payment provider for more information. If you're using one of our gateways, feel free to share any error messages from the storefront checkout and Abandoned checkout order with me here and I can take a closer look.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything I can clarify!


Ryder A. | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you! I got it too work. I had test mode enabled.