Payouts blocked

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Hi everyone,

I have been having a few problems with my payouts that have not been addressed effectively by support. It began with a message that said they were unable to make a payout. This was confusing because two previous payouts had gone through without a problem. I contacted Shopify and they said that it was a problem with the bank. I contacted my bank and they said Shopify had changed the name on the payout from the not-for-profit organisation I work for to my personal name (without any request from me). So the details didn't match. I have since spoken to a number of people in various departments at Shopify and they can't seem to explain why it has suddenly been changed or how long it will take to change back. I was asked to send in a selfie with a picture of my passport - which I did, and for which I received an aknowledgment email. The support person even thanked me for the clarity of the pictures (!). Today I received an automated message telling me that my ID documents could not be verified. I'm not sure what happened to them or where they have gone and support could not provide me with an explanation. So I attempted to upload the same documents and it keeps rejecting them. Now I've received an automated email telling me that if I don't submit it in 2 days all payouts would be suspended. With a turnaround of a couple of days for email replies you can imagine the frustration. Especially when I have money sitting there waiting to be paid out. Is anyone else having these problems? Does anyone have a solution?