Payouts on hold issue

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Yesterday morning I have had the red message appear on my homescreen


Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 15.40.06.png


Now, while it CLEARLY states to contact support for further information, support cannot help.


So my question is, why?


Over a week ago I had a similar message pop up and had a follow up email also asking me to upload my ID etc too, I knew this was normal as I run two shopify stores and have already experienced this with the older one. Uploaded my ID etc and the message shortly disappeared. Payouts came out as usual.


Now over 24 hours ago, the above message appeared, but no follow up email. I contacted shopify as it CLEARLY asks me to and the response I got from shopify was that although shopify has completed their verification process for myself and my store, now their 'banking partners' have requested to do a review asking for the same information that shopify asked for previously. Strange. If shopify has already done their review, shouldn't they of already submitted all the documentation to their banking partners so if/when they decided to do a review, they already have all the information available? Clearly not. That would be too simple. You'd think there would be some form of logic going on with a billion dollar company.


Having now spoken to live chat on 3 occasions, one of which was nothing but absolutely rude, I have been told the same thing, they are unable to give me a timescale, they are unable to contact their banking partners and basically, they are unable to do anything, all I have to do is wait. But for how long? Why has no one in their finance team contacted me to keep me in the loop? Questions answered in a way to basically not give an answer, but just to keep the delay going.


Why set up such a platform for 'businesses' to run a business but then prevent the business from being able to be run when you hold onto their cash flow? Why hold onto payouts for a 'standard review'. What's the catch? What's going on?


Of course, I already know after doing plenty of research that IF someone from shopify responds to this, it is going to be a generic message stating that it is a 'standard review' and it is 'not in their hands' and they are 'unable to give me a timescale' etc.


This is not how business works. If you are providing a platform for businesses, whether start ups or established businesses to operate on your platform and provide a payment platform alongside it which is well within your given guidelines, then have the decency to keep the customer up to date with what is going on.


Over £5k in revenue is currently being held. I have had to put a hold on dispatching orders which are stacking up by the hour due to this. I would rather contact each and every customer explaining to them that I have had to refund them due to the fault of Shopify rather than have you hold onto any of the funds from the hard work that has gone into obtaining the sales in the first place.


If anyone is reading this and new to shopify, do your due diligence, do not just jump into the shopify boat because it seems like a smooth and easy road to take. There are plenty of extremely uncomfortable bumps behind the hills that you are unable to see yet.


I feel sorry for the start ups that have little to nothing to begin with and invest all their money on ads etc to obtain sales and exposure to only be put in a position like this in the long run without any explanation.


Pull your socks up Shopify and treat your paying clients with some respect.

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I just opened my shopify store last month. moving my domain from weebly to shopify and now I am experiencing the same issue. my payouts are on hold yet I have not received any email asking for more information. I haven't gotten any answers and why is it so impossible to talk to support!?

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The same exact issue here.


Approx 7k being held. it's been 3 weeks, ZERO communication, Not even an email asking for additional information etc.


I instantly put the checkout on hold. Now I cannot take any orders. ZERO revenue coming in, the business is being destroyed after a very successful launch.


Shopify is a joke. Now looking into getting 3rd party payment systems in place.