Paypal Create Account button leads to credit card checkout

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Hi all, 


I'm having an issue with Paypal Express Checkout. When I hit the PayPal button, it redirects me to its page for checkout and that's great. I can pay either using my Paypal account or credit card as a guest. However, the issue is the second button as in the image below.Untitled1.png

It button text "CREATE ACCOUNT" should be as indicated in the second image below:




What is really strange here is that even though the button says CREATE ACCOUNT, it actually leads to checkout using credit/debit card!!! So CONFUSING AND MISLEADING!!!!!!! Even more weird is the fact that sometimes I get the right button, and sometimes the wrong one (image 1) using the same browser from the same computer!!! What the heck?!


Does anyone know how to fix this error and keep the button as shown in image 2? 

Just to clarify - the functionality is working, only the wording (button) is going nuts.


Any help much appreciated!