Paypal Multi currency issue

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+1 here, we're also having the same issue with PayPal and also with another 3rd party payment provider (SplitIt), on the payment Request that Shopipfy sends only the base currency of our shop (EUR) is given, which doesn't allow them to correctly display the amount in other currencies.
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+1 on this. This is a big issue that shopify should resolve. Our customers expect paypal to work in their local currency and not be charged twice!

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Also a big problem for us can someone @shopify advise if a fix is in the works please?

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+1 for me also.  I am seeing an increase in the abandoned carts due to this.  My store is set to show the home currency of the user which it does beautifully until they select Paypal as the payment option.  My home currency is AUD and I have a lot of USD abandoned carts because of this problem.  The AUD amount looks so much more due to the exchange rate so it looks like we are trying to charge the customers more at the last minute of the checkout.

I am so hopeful for a solution to this problem.

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Is there any solution to this issue? We want to change to Shopify Checkout but need to have multi currency work through the checkout process and with Paypal. Shopify, are you working on this? 



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Nah, they think it's PayPal's issue. They don't understand that PayPal does
accept multiple currencies.
If Shopify didn't change the currency, PayPal would accept whatever
currencies you have set up in your account.

I can accept all kind of currencies on PayPal. Just not through Shopify
payments. Because they chanhe it to the default currency.

Just don't change it. Let the customer pay if whatever currency they like.
PayPal does accept multiple currencies.

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Same here. A solution for PayPal and other payment provider like Stripe are a must.

Please provide as a timeline when you have implemented this.

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I am having this problem as well. 

Has anyone tried contacting paypal regarding this? I am a Canadian who stores, ships products out of the US but with a Canadian Paypal account. So  all my customers who use paypal are seeing Canadian currency at checkout and it often becomes very confusing for them. 

I hope shopify and/or paypal can smoothen this out for us. 

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They don't care about their clients.

Problem is indicated for ages but they do not want to solve this.

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same issue