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A customers purchased from us (on Shopify) via Paypal Express. The order was on 10/7/2020, the product was received by the customer on 10/13/2020-- the customer was refunded the payment via Paypal on 10/15/2020.  The payment never hit our Paypal account (Our PP account is set up on Shopify in payments), therefore, we never received the payment.

I have not reached out to the customer yet, as I'm trying to understand more about the issue. Can you assist us with understanding if the client purposely pulled back the funds or of there is some form of error on our part (or other).

We know that Shopify recommends waiting for the payment to hit the account before shipping, however we were about to go on a weeks vacation, therefore took the risk, and just sent it. Otherwise the customer would have been waiting weeks for the items. 

Please help.





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