Paypal express button cart and checkout - removal

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I'm reaching out for any advice to hide the paypal express button on the checkout page and everywhere else it might appear.


I read a lot here in several topics, that the button appears on cart OR in the checkout.

But in my case it shows up on both! As I can comment a code segment in the cart-template.liquid it disappears in the cart but is still visible in the checkout page. 
I tried all variants of code advises I found here but couldn't find a proper way.


To clarify - I don't want to remove paypal as a payment provider but want to hide these buttons as this is more convenient for our customers to select the payment method at the last page of the checkout process.

I already reached out to the support, but didn't get a solution at all. My ticket number is: 16426784

Anyone with the same issue? Any suggestions for this?

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Hi Vazelon!


You can use the Express Checkout Hider app to remove the buttons but keep PayPal as a payment provider. It's really easy to use and no code involved!


You have 3 days of free trial use to make sure that it does what you want it to do - and if for any reason you cannot get it to work just shoot us an email through the app and we'll be sure to have you up and running!


You can find the app here: