Paypal not getting subdomain to redirect back

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Hello guys

first post here, hopefully doing it the right way
Dont know if I am allowed to provide the shop name.

So, the setup first:
We are using a german shop and Weglot as translation app. The different languages are located on a subdomain each, e.g. The subdomains have a cname pointing to Weglot and are not setup in Shopify. The languages are also not setup in Shopify. This is how Weglot recommend the setup. We got Paypal and Paypal Express running.

Paypal Express is working fine as we see it.

The problem is the usual Paypal payment:
When I enter checkout on a subdomain the checkout is also on this subdomain. I enter the shipping adress, confirm, confirm shipping costs and go to payment. I select Paypal and hit the button. Now opens and I can login. The first issue is here: The back to shop link is pointing to our domain without a subdomain. After I confirm paypal and get redirected back to the shop, the subdomain is also missing and I have to insert my shipping adress again.

My research on this:
When I have a look at the checkout page, where the payment is selected, some data is setup for Paypal:


As you can see, domain is set to our domain and not including the subdomain. Also the language is set to "en_US" always. But in front of this paypalConfig the language is set correctly: "locale":"fr"
Maybe the issue can be found here, I dont know.

Any ideas on how we can tell Paypal the correct referrer?

Thanks very muc for helping!

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Update on this issue:

we were able to edit the paypalconfig information and inserted the subdomain on this one. it does not help.

any other idea? thanks for helping!