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I have set up a shopify store for my first time and I have a few Paypal payments pending.  Is it safe to ship the product to the customer while it still says payment pending or should I wait until the payment is processed to do so?  I have 1 payment prior to me linking paypal to shopify but have had more sales since with the same 'payment pending' status.  

Seems like there are quite a few issues with Paypal payment from all the threads here.  Some say it takes up to 2.5 weeks for it to finish processing.  Curious if the community thinks its just better to not offer paypal payment?


Thanks for the help.  

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Hi, I wouldn't ship anything until the paypal payment completes.  We often find that pending payments don't complete, especially where the payment is pending for more than 24 hours.

We have a standard email we send to customers if their payment is pending for more than 24 hours.  It's usually because paypal has sent the payment as an echeque.  We let the customer know that we can't ship their order until the payment completes and suggest that if they want it to go through faster, we cancel the order and put it through using  a different payment method.  At least then that manages their expectations.

Hope that helps.