Paypall payment missing in activity even though transaction ID, token and receipt ID received.

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Hello all,

I am a Shopify store owner and have Paypall Express Checkout enabled on my store. My setup has worked before without issues and I have had payments received via Express Checkout. In other words, I know my accounts and their configuration are okay.
Now I have had an order where within Shopify, the order status is displayed as paid, but the transaction isn't shown in my Paypal Activity table. The payment is missing.
I have all the Paypall transaction details provided by Shopify order detail available. The transaction ID, the token, the receipt ID and payment status which is completed. Thus Shopify must have received this as a response from Paypall.

Even so, that payment isn't shown in my merchant account activity table. Searching for any of the specific IDs mentioned above also yields no results.

How is this even possible and has anyone had anything similar happen before? I need to find out so I can respond to my customer on time and correctly.

I have tried getting in touch via Paypall Help Center which only puts me on a chat bot loop which ends with an excuse to ask during business hours (not mentioned when these are). I have tried the official Paypall support on Facebook and that also puts me through a bot ending up with an excuse that real people cannot help currently due to Covid-19. I have also written an email to service at paypall dot com and received an automatic reply to try the support channels I've already tried. In other words, no support available beyond automated responses.