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Hi everyone!

I have been selling on shopify for almost 3 years now and shopify still has yet to make the addition of a scan form for USPS. This has made it almost impossible to run my business as I’m sure so many of you are also experiencing. USPS employees will no longer accept drop offs for large amounts of packages and I am lucky enough to have a good relationship with them where they are willing to accept my 50+ orders a day, however they are growing very tired of scanning each individual package especially when I sometimes have 200+ packages. This is absolutely ridiculous on Shopify’s end and I am considering switching e-commerce platforms because of this. The only solution they have provided is to use shippo or shippingeasy which in my opinion both suck. The platforms are slow to use when you’re shipping large amounts and are not nearly as intuitive and functional as Shopify’s label feature.

I am demanding that shopify make the addition of a scan form to their platform, otherwise I will be switching e-commerce platforms and taking my business elsewhere. Why should we continue to support shopify when they clearly do not care about their customers to add such a simple feature. This is way overdue.

Please leave a comment if you also agree that shopify NEEDS to add this feature for us!
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Hi @Veiledco,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Thank you for your post and feedback. As you mentioned this is not a current feature of Shopify and I can see from your message how valuable it would be and how much time it would save you with your orders. As you also touched on, there are workarounds in place through third-party apps right now. 


Because of all this, I will mention it to our development team as a potential feature request for the future. 


Thank you for reaching out and giving your feedback. It's feedback like this which let us know what store owners such as yourself are thinking about and looking for to make your businesses more efficient. 


All the best, Nick

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Have you been able to come up with a workaround?  We are having the same issues.  

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Nope. Shopify hasn’t done anything any there are tons of sellers who have the same issue. Absolutely ridiculous. I currently have set up package pick ups with my carrier at USPS but without a scan form they still have to scan each package individually and we don’t have a record of them all getting scanned during pick up. It’s a mess.
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I might be a little late on this thread, but I wanted to give you all a head's up in case you're still struggling with this... I have been searching for the same solution for quite some time, and have been pretty disappointed to see that only paid app options are available through Shopify. I'm with all of you in that this is a BASIC functionality that shouldn't require us to pay an outside app developer a monthly fee to be able to print a sheet of paper. But I digress...


Just now, I found that PirateShip ( links with your shopify store and makes it easy to create the SCAN forms. They have the same rates as Shopify, but they don't charge to use the service. I am just getting my shop up and running so I haven't had to process a TON of orders, but I wanted to let you all know about this option! Hope it helps someone else looking around for this!!

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We have the same issue, however, our local post office will not pick up packages without the scan form. It is ridiculous that Shopify offer a service that is not fully functional. It is also very clear that since this is topic has been addressed for as long as it has that they do not view it as an important feature. We are forced to continue to use Shipping Easy just so we have access to the scan form.

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Yes. I am new to the me and today my post office started giving me the stink eye! Please create this functionality. Most of Shopify's competitors already have this functionality.


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I would like to know a small thing from the people shipping with USPS. Since Scan form is a form of USPS manifest, does USPS accept a generic manifest which has a bar code, product info in it. To be specific, here is a sample manifest I am attaching. Are you aware if USPS can accept this instead of the Scan Form?



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My local post office has ignored the need for this until now. None of the other shipping apps are as easy to use or as cheap as Shopify shipping. It’s amazing to me that you can’t provide this. It’s really puzzling to me and has me questioning Shopify.
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Is there an update on this?