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Im struggling to allow customer pick up from checkout from a location different to my default shipping address.
It seems I have to have inventory in both places to allow me to do this, but on my previous site I was able to have 1 quantity and allow the customer to collect and bypass shipping. whereas now I need to have at least 2 products to be able to do this as it requires inventory in both locations to allow pick up on checkout. This is not possible when some items are one off pieces. Is there any way around this?
Thanks Kate

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Hi @Kateb , you can use shipping profiles to select which products are are available at specific locations very easily without an external app, you can do so directly in Shopify. You can also create multiple locations for shipping & pickup separately.

  1. In Shopify, go to Settings > locations > Add location, call it Pickup only
  2. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery > Local pickup and enable pickup for the Pickup only only
  3. Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery > Create new profile,
    1. name it Products for pickup only
    2. click Add products and select specific products or even specific variants
    3. click Show details under Shipping from, click manage, and remove all rates except for the Pickup only location
    4. Don't create a Shipping zone
    5. click Save
  4. Stock products and variants in the Pickup only location, you can do so via bulk edit

Now when a customer checks out using these products, they'll see pickup location as an option. There are some caveats:

  • Don't forget to stock inventory at these locations; Yes, you'll need to manage inventory (allocate amounts between your shipping & Pickup only locations)
  • If you have shipping enabled in any shipping profile, the shipping option will show up at checkout even if everything in the cart is pickup only. However, when customer tries to checkout via shipping, they'll get an error saying they can't (we inquired multiple times with Shopify and there's no workaround)

If you need to customize pickup times, want more contactless pickup using SafeMatch Verification, or add non-Shopify pickup locations, feel free to take a look at the Curbside Pickup Guru app. It's a Shopify Staff Pick and BFCM Must Have App. The app doesn't force you to change theme code or create new shipping profiles. It's 100% compatible with all themes and existing shipping setup.

Hope this help!