Picking List Not Displaying All Items In A Bundle

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Hi All,

My site sells a ton of bundles. For example, I have a bundle named "The Incredible Bundle" which contains all of my 15 products. I also have a "Mini Bundle" that has 5 of my products. The problem I'm having is in the warehouse. My picking list shows me that I need 10 Incredible Bundles and 5 Mini Bundles. However, the warehouse people don't know which products to pick because all they see is 10 Incredible Bundles. This has caused many mistakes and made many customers upset because they get missing/wrong items in their bundles.

Is there an app or software that can consolidate all of the bundles and just list out how many of each product are needed? For example, for a product that is included in both of those bundles, I want my picking list to say "Product - 15" so that the warehouse crew know to pick 15 of that product. 

FYI - I do use Ship Station but not sure if they have anything that could help?

Thank you!