Pickup and Local Delivery Shipping not quote good enough

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Thank you for adding pickup and delivery options for small businesses.  It's something that I've asked for years (even before covid).

Unfortunately, the options given don't work very well for my restaurant.  We've been using the more clunky shipping options with messages for a while and I was hoping Shopify would finally provide some options that would work for local restaurants.  However, I still need to use the clunky version.

The way a lot of curbside restaurants work is that restaurants set a cutoff time (say Saturday) of which customers must order before orders go into the following week.  Customers can't just show up at any time because the food must be prepared in advance.  Customers must set the day and time of pickup.  Shopify local pickup assumes that businesses are not working with products that are time-sensitive.

The local delivery is almost workable however it doesn't allow one to set price per distance, which makes it not workable for us.

Could you consider supporting small restaurants and allowing these features to be more customizable?

Shopify could easily be a leader in the restaurant industry as a POS if it would simply improve its shipping situation.