Pickup - need option less than ready in an hour

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We are a coffee shop and would love to use the pickup shipping option, but our drinks are ready ASAP and the "ready in an hour"  (there is no less time frame listed) confuses customers.


Hoping you can add a ready within 15 minutes option.

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I'm also looking for the ability to add different delivery options, as we manufacture all our products I'd like to give the option of pickup in 7+ days or 14+ days

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Not sure if you've solved this, but we're a coffeeshop as well- we solved it by editing the "language" of Pick up in 1 hour to say instead "Pick up within 20 minutes." If you go to Online Store --> Themes --> Actions --> edit language --> search "pick up" --> edit the Pick up in 1 hr box. This only changes the display, but worked well for us!

Did you figure out how to limit your store hours? We are currently having to password protect at closing and un-protect at opening, which we would rather have automatic so that people can view our menu at any hour.