Please Help!!! "How to display multiple tracking numbers for a single line item???

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Hi Folks,

I currently stuck on trying to figure out how to display Multiple Tracking Numbers for a single line item within the "Order History" of a customer's signed-in account.

Currently, Ive noticed if one line item has multiple tracking numbers:

i.e. Customer orders x10 t-shirts (order no #1000)

     -  x5 are fulfilled with tracking number (T11111)
     -  other x5 are fulfilled with tracking number (T22222).

The order history for order no #1000 will only display the lastest fulfilled tracking number (T22222) and not the first tracking number (T11111)?

Additionally, I've noticed within Shopify's admin panel, (using the same order no example above #1000) it would display both fulfilled shipments including their tracking numbers with a unique identifier next to each fulfilled order.

Fulfilled (5) #1000-F2
Fulfilled (5) #1000-F1

I'm not sure what this unique identifier is nor what the variable is called, however when inspecting the page element I noticed it was tied into a class called "fulfillment-card__subtitle". So I tried my luck in searching for a variable similar to that title and I could not find anything.

Essentially, from what I understand this "fulfillment-card__subtitle" seems to be the unique identifier that's linked to the same line item that differentiates the two fulfilled shipments.

Although how to access that unique identifier, I have no clue.

I would really appreciate If someone could please shed some light on this particular topic and direct me on the right path.

Best regards

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Did you ever get a response on this?