Plug in for a service that will allow me to charge customer cc later?

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Hi friends!


I'm currently trying to implement a service similar to stitchfix where customers take a quiz and they get a subscription box based on their preferences. The customer pays for the box and would pay a $20 curation fee, the box would come with 5 articles of clothing that they can try on. After a week or so, they can return the box with the clothes they didn't like and keep the ones they liked. After receiving the box back, I then would see what they kept and charge their credit card for that amount.


Is there a plug-in to store their credit card information and somehow charge them the amount (from the clothes they kept)? The monthly subscription box feature isn't something that's a priority right now. I want to have the option to  charge them that specific amount (from the clothes they are keeping) in the future.


Thank you for all your help! <3