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As a shopify partner in México, I must say the lack of a payment gateway is rather inconvenient. At least in Monterrey city, people are opening online shops targeted towards saavy customers who are looking for a similar shopping experience like amazon, where the payment gateway is integrated within the shop.

Paypal is currently the only option, and it is really confusing and problematic for customers. We have seen cases were conversion rates are very low due to this, as they arrive at the checkout process and leave. It would be a game changer for us if a gateway in México is integrated.

Thank you and kind regards,

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Any update on Citrus for India?

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I agree whit Esteban, Mexico is a really big market. I have two on line stores ready to open but my clients doesn't want open it until Shopify integrates at least one option for payment. 

It's really disappointing. 

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I am located in United arab emirates and do not see any payment gateway option for this area.

I would suggest integrating with 2Checkout or

any help in the matter is appreciated.If you guys know of any other payment gateway i could integrate with please help.

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I'm being asked by a client for eProcessingNetwork - but otherwise +1 for the emulation address support.

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Hello Shopify, please take note on this... 

I had a chat with the director of DineroMail Mexico, which is a payment gateway that recently got acquired by PayU.

Quoting his own words he told me... ¨80% of the online transactions made by mexicans online are either through OXXO stores or bank deposits... this surprised me a lot but its true. I used to run Joomla and Virtuemart and it was right, most of my transactions came via OXXO. Its like a 7 eleven chain that takes payments after an e mail is sent by the payment gateway to the client, with a barcode on it. Then the OXXO store takes the payment scanning the barcode.

I managed to do this manually now on Shopify using mercadopago, however it is a hassle to do so as I have to take the details of the customer and manually create a payment button and send it to the client, to be able to offer this payment option SO IMPORTANT FOR MY STORE. ( I haven´t had any payment to OXXO yet but I am ready to have it )

Also, this is something not good at all for Shopify cuz if you want to be cheeky, you can take the transaction details, send the button to the client, cancel the order on shopify and just take all the money to mercadopago or even dinero mail. 

80% of online transactions in Mexico are actually not paid online. 

I am sure as soon as you get involved with any payment gateway in Mexico, you will double you clients from this country. 

Please Hurry Up Shopify! 


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PayU Paisa and CCAvenue for India please.

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Any news on these options for Brazil?

Thank you

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I would love to use Shopify if you add >

It includes Ideal so that would be perfect for Dutch shoppers (I don't want to use skrill)

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Im totally agree with Javier Dominguez and his latest post. It would be great to be able to use mercadopago in México. Please integrate it with shopify!!