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SQUARE is my preferred gateway, please look into this one. It's great for manual orders (in person or over the phone, rather than the web).



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We need something in Australia pretty badly. Especially now that Australia Post has completely changed its freight system.

I have spoken with Star Track Australia and we have been sent an SDK. Is there anyone out there that can develop this into a working app?



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We need this payment gateway in Panama

This is the largest 3rd party gateway in the country here and is the equivalent of Paypal in Panama. This gateway is very popular, AND they also have a brand new "Cash Pay" option that lets customers pay cash by visiting one of hundreds of "Pague Cash" electronic kiosks through out the city to load their cash payments within 24 hours of order. Also coming soon with them is the local equivalent of "Debit cards" which here is called "Clave cards"

None of the 75 supported gateways in Shopify will work here in Panama, and we desperately need this gateway to use Shopify in Panama, El Salvador and other Latin American countries that Paguelo facil is expanding into. This is must for Shopify if you want to enter the Central and South American markets where eCommerce is just picking up steam!

I know the owner of this company and have met with him several times to discuss our plans for our local eCommerce marketing business. If this gateway was supported, I could personally set up 50 new shopify stores here inside of a year with our marketing company.  Please consider this gateway asap!

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I have been associated with Shopify for more than a year now and run one of the biggest inventory hosted on Shopify servers from India. 

I recently upgraded to premium plan on shopify. 

Unfortunately, Payment gateway supported by Shopify is most pathetic service provider from India.

They provide 0 customer support, very slow transactions and they DO NOT support the most widely used MASTERO Debit Cards in Indian Market... I have been trying to shift PG but there is no such option provided by Shopify... My store looks like in 90s e-com market with no upgraded PG services.

I would strongly suggest that shopify includes couple of most advanced PG providers in India.


Please god help us ecom guys in India hosting on shopify :) 




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Its been a month since I last posted on the payment gateway problem for us Ecommerce people in the Arab world.

We request Shopify to integrate with 2Checkout ( ).

Or anything that would work in the United Arab Emirates. It is a large market out here.I feel rather sad to leave this platform and go elsewhere since the support here is awesome,But please guys respond on the PG problem. 

Please Shopify gurus at least inform us as to where this thing is heading. I see so many posts daily but none of the posts are replied by Shopify. WHY??

Thank you
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Any news about Mercadopago, Dineromail & Pay U integrations ?

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As an Australian Shopify customer we would appreciate the addition of COMMWEB.  This is the payment gateway of the Commonwealth Bank (arguably the biggest bank in Australia.)  When combined with its merchant facilities COMMWEB offers the most competitive price we have found (by a well known reputable company).

COMMWEB is already available on other well known ecommerce platforms, that I don't need to mention so it would be great if Shopify could make it available.

Thank you

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AsiaPay (PayDollar, HK) - would like to see support added for them:

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looking forward for integration with ipay88 so that i could move my bigcommerce store to shopify!

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bkkflynsta -- we're working on PayDollar, and hope to release it shortly.

Jeff Masono -- iPay88 is in beta on Shopify. Contact our support team to get it enabled on your shop.

Louis : Product @ Shopify
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