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Can't find the gateway you're looking for on Shopify? This is where to post your gateway addition requests. 

The most asked-for payment options will be reviewed by our payments team. Remember to be specific about what sets your requested payment solutuion apart from the rest, be it price, technology, international support, or whatever it is.

Thanks for your feedback!

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I'm from Malaysia and found out that the payment gateway provided by Shopify (Payment Express) for Malaysians is unreliable and don't seem can be trusted.

The 2 dominating payment gateways in Malaysia are and

Right now, the only payment gateway for me is only Paypal which is quite difficult for me if some of the buyers want to pay via credit card. Hopefully you guys could integrate one the two payment gateways stated above. Thanks.

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It would be great if you could integrate PostFinance to the payment system. It is the leading payment gateway in Switzerland and has pricing and products that better fit shopify shops than Ogone.

Thanks and regards

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I would like to see you integrate noca or something similar. Benefits:

  • No fixed fee per transaction (usually 30 cents)
  • No need to pay a monthly fee for tight integration to Shopify
  • Electronic checks at a much lower rate than credit cards

I currently use Paypal, which is not a cost effective solution for small retailers. Reasons:

  • 30 dollars a month just for tight integration with Shopify
  • 30 cents per transaction on top of a percentage rate that is already too high
  • International fees (typically +1% per transaction)
  • Slow, clunky merchant interface

I need more options - not competitors that offer pretty much the same scheme. Having variety in payment processing would make Shopify an even more compelling eCommerce platform and would make people like me insanely happy (with a heavier wallet).

Thank you for considering this request. I would be happy to help test the integration!


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One easy way to make extra gateways available is to extend the options given under the settings. I've seen other systems where they allow you to change things like the URL that is used to send the requests to, allowing you to send requests to different gateways if they have an emulation.

If you provided a doc showing details of the requests made and the expected responses, then any gateway that wanted to could ensure that their gateway will work with Shopify without you need to add support for each one.

This could be a seperate '' entry, allowing the store to configure what name they want displayed - a bit like what can be done when adding a custom offline payment method.

To ensure PCI compliance this could be done so that it uses the hosted payment page type methods, rather than sending any card info in the request (no card number taken at the checkout page, instead that is done by the payment gateway), i.e. using SIM -

In this way merchants could, if needed, create their own interface code that accepts and formatted request and converts it to a format that the gateway of their choice is using, and handles the return connections accordingly. People could then use this to create their own interface between shopify and any other gateway/payment method including bitcoin etc.


Have a look at this for an example of this being done elsewhere:



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I am doing payment gateway integration for very first time...

This is a task which will decide my future, is there any one who can help me plzzzzz :(

I have the code and i just don't know wat to do with it

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I'm going live in one week with the shop. Using Ogone(Belgium) cause of the paymentmethods they have. But it seems Shopify only supports directlink with ogone. And the features i needed/wanted  uses redirect with Ogone (Ogone collect). I find it very frustrating to find out about this in the end, especially since i spent money on something i can't use on shopify. :-(    300,- € starters fee with ogone + montly charge+ % per sale... and the shopify costs...

I would think people are entitled to be able to use the full features for that amount of money. 60% of people in Belgium prefer the paymentmethods i can't install... It is in everybodys intrest to be able to provide those methods. The sellers, the byers, thes gateways and shopify.... Everybody wins. Why isn't it possible then? I'm no programmer or anything, new with my first shop and missinformed about the gateways. No answer to find anywhere about mister cash/bancontact, kbc-button.... Ogone offers all of these.... shopify supports ogone? 

I would appreciate some help here.

I'm starting my shop like it is but am building another one  on the side for switching over when ready, unless i get this issue fixed offcourse. 

I believe there should be more in depth info available for new users about this topic. The money i've spent on ogone is wasted cause paypal has the same features ogone is limited to offer on shopify..

Thank you for reading this