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Hello team,

As you are aware of Cash On Delivery and Prepaid methods are widely used in India, i would like to know if there is a way to lure customers towards prepaid methods of payments by offering them extra discount via Coupon to customers who choose prepaid method for payment.

I could not find a way to add Discount code specific to payment method.

If anybody has any idea about it, kindly help.

If it isn't there, i recommend Shopify to add this feature as it has become a basic features of Online Store in India.


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Did you find any solution to this problem? I am also looking for an answer.



I agree with your 100%. I have recently launched my online fashion jewellery website ( and i'm facing exactly the same issue. Volumes in India for COD orders constitute 70% of overall sales but when its COD 30-40% are returns since many times they don't get accepted, so its become a NECESSITY to provide incentive to customers for prepaid orders.

Harsh -
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Looking for a solution on the same line. On our website we get 60% orders as cash on delivery and many customers we have realized can pay online but they still prefer cash on delivery, possibly because they don't want to commit towards buying product and want to leave the option for exploring other products. By the time our product reaches them, they have full authority to reject the delivery since they were not committed on day one itself. We need some option to lure them and get payment commitment immediately.

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has anyone found any solution for this.

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Facing same issue for our website

Does anyone have a solution?

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looking for this option too.