Printful Live shipping rates not pulling through to check out

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Hi - I’ve got Printful’s live rates enabled on my store, and general shipping set up for all products, all linking only to Printful’s live rates for all the countries they ship to.

However, at checkout on certain products (seemingly at random) I get an error message that the item doesn’t ship to the country in the address and no rates pull through. Other products (same base product i.e. a t-shirt but with a different design) are totally fine with all the same info at checkout and live rates are offered as they should be. (There is a phone number entered, so it’s not that)

ive only just launched (yesterday) and all was working fine in the dozens of tests I ran earlier this week. Anyone seen this before? Shopify support have said all looks fine from my end in the set up and Printful couldn’t see any issue either, so I’m stuck in the middle. 

Any help would be very gratefully received, thanks.