Printful Shopify Shipping Profile issue - please help

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Hi there,

Before Christmas, I noticed Printful had placed shipping profiles in my Shopify - 14 of them. They just showed up. I thought it was nice. Now, I am struggling, because I am offering free shipping in the USA and discounted everywhere else so I adjusted the Printful rates. I tested them and everything was fine. I noticed a few weeks ago that the rates I spent HOURS adjusting were now adjusted back - all of my hard work gone. So, I looked to see if anyone else had this issue and could not locate anyone else so I thought it was a glitch. I spent another 8 hours fixing the rates to how I wanted them to be again. Guess what, they are now changed again! I cannot keep doing this.


Please someone help. My items include shipping so it is "free" for the customer. But now, I say free, but it isn't free. What do you suggest? Thanks.

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Hi! I have the same issue!  I don't offer free shipping, but I increased the shipping rate in those Printful profiles.  They were changed now!  How did you solve this issue?