Problem with Amazon Pay. How do I get my revenue from them in US?

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I have been using the Amazon Pay option for my online store (USA) along with Paypal and Shopify payments. For the first time someone made 2 large purchases from me and used the Amazon Pay button. I thought Amazon Pay was the same as my Amazon Seller account and unfortunately it is not. My Shopify shows that the customers card went through to Amazon pay, but I can't find my money and it is not in my seller central!

Where would the money have gone?

It says I can only sign up for an Amazon Merchant account if I live in a country outside the USA and I live in the USA. 

Do I need to cancel my customers transaction and ask them to purchase again a different way or is there a way to get this money from Amazon?

Also, Amazon Pay is not available by phone and they are not being responsive via email. 

Please help! And Thank you!


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Hi there,


You should also have an amazon pay account. It's different from seller account. This is the link to it.


I'm not sure if you can merge both because i created my account before i started selling on amazon with a seller account.  On the right corner where it says log in or register.  Click sign in with amazon pay (seller central.) I don't know why it says that because it always redirects me to my seller account but it should not.  It should redirect you to your pay account.  The interface looks the same on both accounts, just the header on pay account only has 4 tabs. I think they are orders, integration, performance, and (something else). I forget, but i hope this helps you.