Product Specific Shipping Rules - HELP!

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Hi all

I'm really starting to tear my hair out over this and could really do with some help before I think about leaving Shopify!

I'm about to launch a new product on my site and I want to do the following:

Free UK Shipping for a specific product only but not free shipping for International Orders.


I've set the weight of the product at 0 and set up a UK weight-based shipping rate of 0 weight to trigger Free Shipping. This works perfectly for the UK. If they order this specific product the cart shows Free Shipping. If they add other items to the cart they are then charged my standard delivery rates for the other products. This is all absolutely perfect and spot on.


It can't be free shipping to Europe or US. So if I leave the product weight at 0 (which I have to for the UK one to work) when a customer from France or US adds the item to the cart it charges them the lowest rate in my standard rates table which isn't enough! They need to be charged slightly more.

I can't change the weight of the product to suit international orders as this will screw up how it charges (correctly) to UK.

I need to be able to set it up somehow for international only so that the correct charge is applied for the specific product as a base charge then any additional items added to the cart are charged as per my standard rates.

I've tried all sorts of things and I just can't get it to work.

So please if you have any advice that isn't "you need to buy this app" (I can't afford them) I'd love to hear it!



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Hey, Gina P !

Ciara here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

So to really dig into this question it would be great if you could send me some store info. Perhaps send an email to with your store details, and then pop back here to post the ticket number so I can find your correspondence and dig into this with you? You can just reply to this thread with the ticket number, and I'll reply to you there :)

In the interim, in a more general sense, each store is different in terms of how you have set up different products and weights, and as you can see from screenshots I've taken from my test store here and here, it may take some tweaking to ensure that different cart item numbers and different product weights/prices don't conflict with one another.

Sometimes it takes a little tweaking, and depending on your set up may indeed require an app. However, a paid app is definitely only a Plan B (Or maybe C) :) So send me info about your store and I can look at your settings and products more specifically.

These are nice videos in case you haven't seen them yet :) A mixture of price-based rates and weight based rates might help, but will know more when I see your store :)

Weight based rates
Price based rates

But look forward to continuing the conversation by email and digging into your configuration!

Till soon :)

Ciara G | Shopify

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Is there any way to designate a few products in the entire catalogue as "free shipping"? I cannot afford a paid app as of now.