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We have a client with 8 locations, where not all locations stock the same items.

We've tried a lot of different apps to solve pick up, but none seem to cut it; e.g.

A customer places an order, and chooses pickup in Manhattan (where the item is in stock).

In Shopify, it will show that the item should be fulfilled from New Jersey, as this is the "primary location", or has the most of the items in stock.

I can of course manually choose to fulfill the item from Manhattan, but if a) I forget, 2) use an automated fulfillment app, then it will be pulled from the wrong location (storage), and will screw up my inventory.


In my case(s) Shopify locations is linked to the inventory of the different stores, so it's paramount to make this work, in order not to over/undersell, and present the customer with a pickup option that actually have the given item in stock.


Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Hey there, @einardo!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting! This definitely took some digging, but I hope I may have found a potential solution for your location choosing needs.


I understand you've tried a number of different apps. Have you tried the Product Inventory Information app by Tom I.T., as well? I tested the app on my end here, and it appears to allow you to display available locations (based on inventory) on your product page for your customer to pick from:



I contacted the app developer for more information, and he was quick to provide support. At this time, the fulfillment for orders will still need to be done manually for the correct location, because the update fulfillment API is not yet available. That being said, when a location is selected it will be added to the order as a line_item_property. The result will have it logged in your order like this: 





The app offers a 14 day free trial for you to test out whether this it a good fit for your business. After the 14 days, it will charge $6.99/month USD. Does this seem to be a solution that could potentially work for your location-picking needs? Please let me know if there's anything I can elaborate on.






Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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Thanks for your reply- 

So the 'solution' is to wait for the API update, then, to make it actually work.

As the employees at the different locations could very quickly click "Fulfill", before looking at the location, and then the inventory would be wrong, and the customer would get a pick-up confirmation from a location that did not fulfill the order.. :\

OK. Will have to be patient then, I guess.