Purchase Orders updating Cost of goods

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Hey all,


I'm facing the following problem and would love to hear what i could do.


Every 2 weeks I get new inventory in. I have about 200 different products each time so it's a lot of work updating the stock list. What makes it a bit more complicated is that the cost of the good per product changes every time due to quantity discounts, currency exchanges and shipping costs (fluctuating fuel prices)


Now i manually open every product. Update the quantity and update the cost of goods. Where i make an average of existing and new stock


Existing stock = #5 and cost of good = 5$

New stock = #10 and cost of good  =7$

New updated inventory is #15 with cost of good 6.34$


I would have loved to automate this a bit more, i just recently found Purchase order functionality in shopify allowing you to update the inventory quantity automatically when the items come in and it also allows you to add a cost of goods in the PO. But this cost of good is not automatically added to the product itself. This keeps on showing the original 5$ cost of good while inventory quantity gets increased to #15.


Anybody have some tips how i can make my life a bit easier?


Kind Regards,