Purchase orders integration from shopify store to Skynet worldwide express courriercompany

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My main issue is integrating my shopify store with the Courier company, Skynet worldwide express (they don't want the hassle of receiving bulk e-mails related to purchase orders) in relation of purchase orders executed on my online store.

After discussing the issue with few experts/freelancers/support team, the message was that exporting orders from any shopify store should require a pre-existing/new developed app, linked to the store in order to do such action, noting that courrier compnay have provided API technical documentation and stated that all we have to do is send the data as parameters to their API web service and they will handle it from there.

Kindly requesting assistance to clear this issue in relation to app needed to be linked to shopify store or not? And in relation to best feasible way in order to establish the requested?

Thank you guys.

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If I could take a look at the docs provided by the Skynet team, I'd tell you if that's possible. Pretty sure it is.

Please email me at stas@99rabbits.com if you're ready to discuss custom integration development. We have an experience of creating very cost-effective private Shopify apps with similar functionality. 


-- Stas

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I'm having the same issue. Where I'm at SkyNet does not use the global Shopify app and have sent me a REST API to connect to my website. 

I still haven't found a way to connect through creating an app and connecting the API through it. 

Specifically I'm having trouble defining the whitelisted URL like the below: 


Really appreciate any advice.