Quantity-Based Shipping Profile?

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I have a used guitar store - https://caskmusic.ca/

Because the products vary so broadly between size, weight and value, my shipping setup is a combination of flat rate options per product 'type' ('guitar <$500', 'small effects pedal', 'rack-sized accessory', etc), and the Boxify app for cross-border shipping. 

I want to be able to sell smaller items... packs of strings and guitar straps for example. For the larger products on the site until now, it would be somewhat unusual for a buyer to order more than one item. In the case of a pack of strings, it would be very normal for a buyer to order multiples. I can set up a flat rate to ship a pack of strings, say $3 within the province, but of course if you multiply that amount by the quantity (5x packs = $15 shipping) people will probably balk at the price and just buy them on Amazon.

Is there any way to set up a shipping profile so that multiples of the same item don't cost the same. Or even better! 1-5x=$3, 6-10x=$6, maybe? Just some examples.

Any ideas??

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Hey @SteveCask,

There is, but there also isn't. I know this sounds silly, but it entirely depends on the rest of your shipping configuration. Reason being, shipping profiles use the cart total to calculate the rates from each, not the profile total. Let's say you had a tiered profile for strings and also added a heavier item from another profile - your strings profile would be triggered for the highest shipping cost, even if there is only one set of strings added. This is because the products from the other profile are triggering the highest tier in strings. Long story short, your customers would be charged way too much for shipping. 

An option that sounds like a great fit would be moving to Intuitive Shipping. We have a dimensional shipping algorithm (what you use Boxify for), and you also unlock the ability to fully control the rest of your shipping costs. So, in this case, you could create a Shipping Scenario for your guitar strings that is based on quantity, and you could also create another Scenario that if a customer orders a larger item and strings, the strings don't have a shipping cost applied (since they are usually tossed into the empty space in the larger box). The sky is the limit with the app. 

You can book a demo with our team here to learn more, or reach out to support@intuitiveshipping.com to learn how to get it configured perfectly. 


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