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Many of us at shopify manufacture in China.. question is if I manufacture in China and can do fulfillment anywhere in the world given that I ship worldwide.. where should it be? I see many people here operate and partner with fulfillment centers in the US but shouldn't I choose a country with low customs and duties? or a freezone? or shouldn't we partner with a fulfillment service in a country that's close to our source? like Hong Kong? or even in China itself? since then you wouldn't pay for shipping all the way from China to US and then pay for shipping all the way back to Dubai for an order that was placed there?

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Hi there,

In your particular situation, if the bulk of your customers are in the US, it might make sense to have a fulfillment center in North America and have that fulfill orders from particular countries. For countries like Dubai, where shipping from the US would be slower and more expensive, having a fulfillment center in China would make a lot of sense.

These are the tradeoffs to consider:

1. Cost of warehousing space at the fulfillment center

2. Cost of shipping from manufacturer to the fulfillment center

3. Cost of shipping to your customer from the fulfillment center

4. Fulfillment time for the fulfillment center

5. Shipping time from the fulfillment center to your customer

6. Any other overhead costs for the fulfillment center


You'd want to price your products to incorporate those costs. From a customer service perspective, you want to have fast shipping, so it makes sense to warehouse your products close to your largest group of customers. If you're shipping to a fulfillment center in another country, you'd work out a per-item cost and work that into the price.

There's no way to have one location that can best meet all of the above criteria and work best for shipping to every country. So make tradeoffs that balance costs vs shipping times to where most of your customers are. 

I hope that helps.


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If you are selling worldwide, and product are made in China

Stock your product in a Chinese fulfillment center which can ship internationally is a best choice


However, as it's international shipping, much more complex than shipping inside a country

1. Cheap shipping way is slow and fast shipping way is expensive, which mean you need to consider about if you have enough profit to offer shipping

2. Some kinds of product are not allow to ship, such as powder, liquid, battery(some shipping agent said they can , but risk will be a lot). 

3. Risk for custom problem 


Some good idea:

1. Big size but light weight item can be used epacket, EMS as these shipping way don't charge by volume

2. Heavy or bulk products selling is possible as some special shipping line exist , such as : Road Freight To Door(tax free) to EU,  Ocean Freight To Door(tax free) to US

3. For higher valuer product, Fast shipping way such as DHL(2-5 days) may be not as expensive as you think. For example, in dshipchina , DHL to USA 0.5kg-18.37 USD, 1kg-22.59USD, 40kg-249.69USD




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