Question About Returning Items

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I have a person who is not happy with my product and wants to return it.  It is a massage table and she is a mobile massage therapist.  She says the table is too heavy and wants to leave the attachments on the table and haul it around.  I have no problem giving her a refund minus the shipping.  She is trying to claim the table is defect because it weighs more than stated and says the attachments don't stay on the table when she is dragging it around.  The table she bought is not designed for a mobile massage therapists.  I think this is why she is having so much trouble with it.  Because the table isn't working for her she says it's a defective item so she doesn't want to pay shipping to return item. So far I have offered to exchange the table for the lighter one and it wouldn't have the attachments and make it easier to carry around. Plus the distributor generously says they will pay for the return shipping for the exchange but not to their facility.     Has this type of situation happened to anyone? Thanks in advance for your reply.