Question Regarding Order Tracking Numbers

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When a customer orders something from your store, how are they expected to recieve the tracking number for their product? I believe it's not immediately on the receipt since you have to fulfil the order via. aliexpress yourself. 

But after you fulfill it and recieve a tracking number, how do you give this to them? via. email, or something else? Because many people don't check their mail. If so, will I need to purchase a custom email address? For example, What is the recommended platform to host a shopify store mail address from? Outlook, gmail, or is it a major turn off if there is for example '' in my emails to customers and therefore I will have to resort to custom emails, or is this not the case?

Another question. I understand that the ePacket shipping method grants customers a tracking number, but what about the other aliexpress shipping methods? Some countries don't have epacket, so if I fulfil the product in a certain country with aliexpress shipping, will they give me a tracking number too? How does this work.


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Hi Abhi,

If the shipping method is trackable, you'll get a tracking number when the product supplier fulfills the order, which for AliExpress orders, could be up to a week after the order is placed.

You can go into your store settings for notifications, and you can set up and customize the emails that get sent to your customers for fulfillment and shipping events.

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 Hope that helps!

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