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I have a question about your PayPal payment method. I know that if I set up shop for shopify I can select only one form of payment, so I would like to choose PayPal but I read that it often froze cash in the account. Can anyone tell me how does it work with PayPal ?

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Hey there! 

Alicia here, from the Shopify Guru team.

You can actually use more than 1 payment option for your customer to choose - PayPal, of course, being one of those options! For example, you could have a credit card provider, such as Shopify Payments, along with your PayPal option for your customer to decide the better way for them to pay. This guide will help explain that better!

The only real 'hold' or wait on a payment that you should experience is the payout schedule. Every processor has a different payout schedule, so you might just want to check with whichever processors you decide to go with! 

I hope this helps! If you ever have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out again. 

Hoping you are well,

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Hello Tommax

I can help you with payment gateway issue. 

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