Question from EU/UK: fulfilling from multiple locations post BREXIT

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I need some help! Now that BREXIT is in place, my third-party fulfilment provider can no longer ship products from their UK warehouse to EU customers and vice-versa. This means that I need to split my inventory in Shopify between UK and EU, which I've done by setting up multiple locations (EU and UK) and multiple shipping profiles restricting locations (i.e., EU location only ships to EU and UK location only ships to UK). I've also adjusted the inventory on each SKU - i.e., how many units of each product I have in EU and UK.

This however doesn't seem to "work" as I have two problems:

Problem 1: For SKUs where I have no UK inventory, customers can still browse on the website and add products to cart. i.e., the product doesn't show as "out of stock".

Problem 2: For SKUs where I have 0 UK inventory, customers can still buy products once they enter a UK shipping address at check-out (they only receive an error message that it's not possible to ship to UK if I disable UK as a location for that SKU). 

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to solve both of these problems and if there is an app / custom development that could help?