Questions about the new Beta Shipping Profiles

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I just learned about the new Beta Shipping Profiles and have a few questions.  Right now I use my Shopify store to order through a POD App. I do this through the back end with Draft orders. I have my store password protected because I have not yet had the time to migrate here from my Weebly store. I do not have or pay for Calculated Shipping. I am VERY eager to learn about shipping profiles but so far in the help pages I have not gotten a full understanding of what will happen if I switch to multi-origin shipping.


My questions are:


If I switch to multi-origin shipping, which can't be undone...


1. If I migrate my live website to Shopify, will I need to pay for Calculated Shipping in order to have combined rates from different shipping profiles at checkout? I do not intend to actually use calculated shipping at checkout, shipping profiles would work better for me.


2. Will my POD app still work right now when I order through the back-end draft orders? The shipping that I pay does get calculated after I place the order through the app, however I don't have to have calculated shipping in my Shopify store for this to work.


Thanks so much. I have been waiting for a platform to offer real custom shipping profiles.



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About the new Beta Shipping Profiles, I don't really know much about it. However, if you are planning to move your store from Weebly to Shopify, I highly recommend you an automated migration tool called littextension.  Using automated service can save your time, money and effort and result in the highest accuracy and security while you can set up shipping profile on your new store. This company is considered the world top in this field and they received so many good reviews from customers on their Facebook and website. One of my friends recommended it for me so, I tried their free migration to figure out how the tool works, it only takes me about 15 minutes to set up the whole thing. 

The demo works perfectly with limited entities migrated. I checked result by their provided link and saw my data in the corresponding places on the new Shopify store. For any question, I contacted the support team via LiveChat, they are always available and professional!