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Where can I locate any or all Fulfillment requests sent to suppliers within Shopify? I would assume I'd be cc'd on the request sent by email, which is the way they're sent, I believev(?) I do not see it in the history under the transaction that one was sent. I don't think I did, but want to avoid sending a request to supplier if something unpredictable occurs. A High Risk Order was refunded after payout and refund was deducted from my bank account. The same customer made another purchase again after refund, and I refunded the 2nd order. Now, I was initially extremely hesitant to fulfill order one due to alert and multiple cc declines with different cc numbers. I wanted to give the customer the benefit of the doubt -- was the customer in possession of multiple prepaid cards and didn't know which one had the required balance? Very highly unlikely, along with other flags, but still wanted to investigate before refund -- this was my first High Rick Order, and this was my first order with this particular dropping app, Dropship Mike / F13 Works. I was advised they didn't receive an order for the first order, and I do not see the 2nd order in the app, but I'd like to be sure because the second purchase with multiple cc attempts with different numbers was definitely a confirmation the flag was in fact red and not pink. 


I now know to cancel order, which forces refund, then mark as fulfilled, but I was clicking refund order and then attempted to fulfill order, so what if I make the mistake of hitting Request Fulfillment ( moves to In Progress) and then Refunded Order?  This wasn't the order to test what happens, to see if the app showed my order was tracked (knowing I would have went in the app and see the order and cancel it). The dropship apps I've used before had this option of "Checking Out" order that was initiated or moving forward with it, etc. I suppose this was not a great time to "test" the app's process. 

I'm working with dropship app supplier, and they stated no order was received, and haven't received an answer back about the 2nd, nor do I see it in the app. I now know to cancel order, which forces refund, then mark as fulfilled, but I was clicking refund order and then attempted to fulfill order...Oy 

Needless to say, the a dropship company app didn't appear to receive fulfillment request for 2nd order but want to be crystal clear due to customer support inquiry with app company stating the order wasn't received, nor do I see it on app and no charge in my bank account from supplier. I'm wondering if this dropship app is evening working correctly -- working on that.


I'd like to request a customer support guru check out these orders for me and make sure they are OK.  Thank you (hope this wasn't too elongated.)