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 We are having the same issue.....we need to have our CAD sales connected to our CAD bank account and everything else, USD and others, connected to our USD bank account.   Otherwise there is a 2% charge on each conversion.

Is there any other workaround to be able to have a single multi-currency site with payouts going to the appropriate bank account?   3rd party solution/app?  Gateways?






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Hi @Mondetta 

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You should check out Shopify Payments Gateway:

As specified by Shopify about Shopify Payments:

Supported currencies

Your store uses the following currencies:

  • Store currency- the currency of your Shopify admin and your reports. For example, this is the currency that you use when you set prices for your products. Although your payouts can only be in your local currency, your store currency can be any that are listed in the currency selector in your store settings. See Changing your store currency for more information.

  • Payout currency- the currency that Shopify Payments uses when it deposits money into your bank account. Your choice of payout currency depends on the location of your store. Your payout bank account needs to be located in the same country as your store. For example, if your store is located in Canada but you want to be paid in USD, then you need a USD account that is based in Canada.

Useful resources:

Selling and getting paid in different currencies with Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments requirements

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