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Hello everyone, I am new to the Shopify world, so I am sorry if this question comes out as dumb or too newbie. Please bear with me. 

I am looking to open my shopify store.  But I am living in the UK . However, my customers are going to be based in the united states primarily (Since that's the audience I'm going to target), so all my sales will be from the united states. Does that mean I would need to get a bank account from the US or can I open a foreign currency account in a bank in the UK that accepts USD?

If I was to expand my target audience in countries like Canada New Zealand and Australia, what currency would I have to accept the payment in, as I know countries mentioned above do accept shopify payment, but would that mean they can only pay in the default currency? or as ShopifyPayment is compitable in those countries, they can pay in there local currency.

I would really appreciate a detailed answer for my question.



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Hey, Roger!

Aria here, one of the Social Care gurus at Shopify. ?

If you're living in the UK and primarily selling to a US audience, I'd recommend you try to get a USD bank account with a UK bank if you can. You won't be able to use Shopify Payments in the UK if you're billing in anything other than GBP. You would need to select an alternative gateway. You can find a list of them here

Each Shopify store can currently only check out with one currency. You can install a currency converter app to enable people to shop in their own currency but they will need to check out in USD, if that's the currency your store is set to. We do expect to have a mullti-currency checkout before the end of the year but I don't have a date for when that will be available.

We can offer a multi-store discount. If you have more than one store for the purpose of selling in different countries, we can offer a discount on the Shopify plan ($79 per month) and above. Basically, if it's essentially the same store but for a different currency/language, we can give you one store on the Shopify plan for $79 per month and the second/subsequent store on the same plan for $29 per month.

Let me know if there is anything else you need. 

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Aria | Social Care @ Shopify
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