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Hi all - looking for some help, if possible.

I have an established website at and am looking at introducing a monthly fabric club. I am confused if I can do this on simply one product on my entire website - ie. I have 500 fabrics already for sale and want to create a new product for this 'monthly fabric club'. I want to be able to automatically bill any club members, but just for this single club - not other products on my website.

From what I can see, the apps change the payment system for all products on your website. Can anyone recommend a specific app that just does one product payment change? I hope this makes sense...

Thank you for your help :)

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Hi Ness,

Which apps have you looked at?

The Recurring Payments apps looks like you can set up a subscription on only a single product. So you could offer a subscription for a "fabric of the month" club product. Check out the 3rd and 4th screenshots in their app store listing and you'll see that you add eligible products individually. Also, the app looks economical, at $15 / month. I'm not the app developer, and I haven't tried the app.

Hope that helps!


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