Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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No that didn't work but thanks for trying

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I agree. We really need a solution to this. It’s very frustrating and makes unfulfilled items ineffective 

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Still no fix, but they decided to add their logo to our shipping labels... Great! -.-

This problem shouldn't be too complicated for shopify to fix!


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Ran into this issue, how terribly annoying.

If nothing else, archiving should remove it from the active orders list. Very frustrating that I will always have these outstanding orders listed even though they were resolved.


Please give us a real solution for this.

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Yes! Super frustrating! Please get us a fix for this!

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I regret switching to shopify. It’s obvious that they just look at this as a cash cow and have no interest in really improving anything significantly. Go look at their ‘news’ page. The things they’ve added in the last 3 years are next to nothing meaningful. Why is there no easy way to resend an order that’s lost? That should literally be a one click choice on an order. Instead you have to go through this ridiculous method of duplicating the order and zero it out. Support is a joke, because you bring this stuff up, and just get placated with some feel good support speak, and politely told nothing will be done. Even PayPal is more responsive to customers than this, which is not saying much.
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This is one thing that they have right on Etsy and probably where using the word completed compared to fulfilled makes it easier to understand. Refund or order completed makes more sense than refund fulfilled. 

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I can't believe this has been an issue since 2016 and still hasn't been fixed, especially with the amount of complaints here. This is definitely frustrating on a sellers end to see an item as unfulfilled (that shouldn't be) and no way of fixing it. 

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This is very frustrating but for the sake of Shopify and they really need to pay attention and fix the issue, I have read the early replies and it does not make sense.

I currently have 42 orders showing as live, once filters are applied the accurate number is 9.

the 31 orders are all cancelled and refunded orders.

so. customer buys item 1, this removes 1 pc from your stock availability.

Customer wants to cancel, so it is logical to restock that item and refund the customer yet order now remains unfulfilled.

So now the reporting is inaccurate as when you want a quick picture of how many orders you have outstanding to process it is giving a false number.

When cancelled or refunding an order there is no fulfil order option. The order should now be cancelled and completed and closed, and if archived should not show on the unfulfilled options or showing on the app or main webpage counting towards orders needing to be fulfilled.


Please can we get a fix