Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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Shopify, could you listen to us please? It's such a confusing and annoying issue. Please just allow us to properly archive canceled orders. There have been so many issues with Shopify that I'm sure many people are ready to jump ship once something better comes along. Keep up with our needs, please, that's all we ask! 

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Agreed, this has been a very frustrating issue for a long time, but gets worse as online volume increases. 

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It would nice so it does not show as an order requiring attention, with 0 active orders but 2 refunds not prior fulfilled it just stays there, it messes with my OCD.

Can we fix this? 

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This thread goes back to 2016 and it hasnt been fixed yet, so dont count on ever getting this fixed!!

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I thought we were the only ones.

Damn it's frustrating, never to be able to get that order counter to zero. It's screaming you didn't do your job. Horrible UX. Please Shopify do something to fix this. We're obviously too OCD to handle these badges as "not been handled". Grey them out or something. Lets be able to get them out of our sight.


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Wow. Can’t believe this has been an issue for years with no fix.

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This is so frustrating! I have just moved over from Big commerce and it has even done it on my imported orders! So its sat with 15 extra outstanding. Absolutely infuriating. You dont fulfil an order before cancelling it - That is the whole point of cancelling it!!!

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How does that make sense?

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The following are solutions have been worked out by others and may work for you  but first clear your browser's cache then:

Solution 1

1. go to orders > all orders
2. click on open orders
3. sort by date (oldest first)
4. select all the old orders that you need to get rid of
5. actions > unarchive orders
6. REFRESH your browser
7. select all the orders again
8. actions > fulfill orders
9. REFRESH your browser
10. I think the orders stayed selected this time, but if not select them all again
11. actions > archive orders
12. REFRESH your browser


Solution 2

Once you archive the order, hit "F5" on your keyboard and it force refreshes the page. I notice this works more then hitting the refresh button on the browser.

Edit: to clarify; When you archive an order the # on the order tab on the side will not always change or updated. By hitting the "F5" key. It force refreshes the page which then picks up the change in active orders.

Advice from Nick at Shopify.

So going forward you're going to have to account for those orders that note that status now. If you cancel and order or refund it in future, make sure to hit fulfill before doing so to change the status. Once cancelled it will then keep the fulfilled status. If you do not hit the fulfill button on an order, then it is unfulfilled. As such, the behaviour you are seeing is expected, as the order is not fulfilled, and it never will be as you cancelled it before hitting fulfill.

Nick then gives a very long reply on page 3 of this thread with an imbedded image - suggest you try to read this but for me it made my eyes glaze over





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This has worked for a small group of people but unfortunately not the majority