Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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The easiest solution in the existing system to me is to simply archive the order.  I currently have 7 unfulfilled orders, but 2 of them are refunded.  When I archive the two refunded orders it now only shows that I have 5 orders left to fulfill and the number next to orders in the left menu also only shows as 5.  


I agree with everyone about needing the different statuses, but for now this works for us.

Thanks for that, would you mind explaining things a little further?


I just tried archiving an order but the unfulfilled badge in the sidebar didn't change and if I sort the list to display 'Unfulfilled and partially fulfilled', the archived order still shows.


So far, cancelled, refunded, and now archived orders, still show as unfulfilled and count towards the number of orders that require fulfilling (see attached).


Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 12.20.30 PM.png

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can we get this fixed already, everyday our team logs in and thinks there are pending orders because of that little number.

and then we realise how ridiculously unhelpful and annoying shopify's system is that just helps us count refunded orders. its a joke.

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The workaround that we use for this is to use the "Open" filter tab to pull only open orders. (filter will display "Status Open")

Sadly this doesn't help if you have pre-orders and they are marked as pending. However, you can change the default filter from "Payment Any" to "Payment status paid".

This does remove canceled orders. Refunded order that are partially fulfilled have to be archived to be removed from this list as well.

Save your search to help you quickly pull this up again or overwrite an existing one.


Note that this will not change the # of open orders but it will help narrow down what is actually open and paid for that need your attention.


I made a suggestion to customer support to allow us to see the payment method if sending check is selected or pre-order. Instead of just the word "pending". Since that would help Pre-Order stores a bit.

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I can't believe that this problem is known and existing since 2016 and there's still no fix from Shopify. It's a bug and makes no sense, simple as that.

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To make it clear I didn't read every post. I gave up on page 6 and jumped right to the last one.


There is a business case where you partially refund but still fulfill the whole order.


When our employees buy something they can buy it for the retail price. So they will order something and tell me that they placed the order.


I will then go and subtract our margin. As soon as they pay I can fulfill the order. 


See!! Shopify, do something about it allready.


To me it make sense that if I refund a canceled order, that it would fulfill my complete obligation and SHOULD indeed render a "Completed" status on the order as it is... well... completed.


C'mon Shopify, if there's a valid reason why this simple fix can not be implemented simply let us know. Sadly after the 3+ years of this tread, I am not too hopeful of a fix or reply.



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Remarkable that the last reply to this thread from a Shopify employee was over a year ago, and there's still no way to get this little "1" to go away on the Orders tab.  I assume Shopify is getting more customer demand for keeping this as-is than they are getting requests to change it, but you definitely wouldn't guess that from the opinions expressed in this thread since 2017.  What else could explain why a Shopify staff member literally argued with a bunch of unsatisfied customers?  Either there's a disconnect between the customer service team and the dev team or the devs literally don't know how to remove a single number from the screen.



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Looks like my foot is in my mouth now! The number is gone.

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Once you archive the order, hit "F5" on your keyboard and it force refreshes the page. I notice this works more then hitting the refresh button on the browser.


Edit: to clarify; When you archive an order the # on the order tab on the side will not always change or updated. By hitting the "F5" key. It force refreshes the page which then picks up the change in active orders. 

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I think that might be where the problem lies. Even if I archive orders, nothing I do will get the number to change. No amount of refreshing (in any form), logging in and out... nothing. So it might be that's the bug for SOME people, and not for others. But since it usually works for others, they are apparently taking the... 'this works as far as we're concerned, we don't know what these other people are talking about'... approach. But obviously it is wide spread, therefore a legit bug.