Refunded or Canceled orders showing as Unfulfilled

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Here's my current procedure for this problem. Maybe it will do the trick for you:

Dean’s simplified procedure for getting “partially refunded” orders out of the “open orders” list:
1. go to “Orders”
2. click on the “Open” button to display the offending orders
3. select all the orders that you need to eliminate from the open orders list
4. select “More actions” > Unarchive orders
5. select “Fulfill orders”
6. select “More actions” > Archive orders...DONE!

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I think I’ve tried this roughly 293637253 times
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Oh how this made me smile.  I have been following this thread for years.  The same old "Eureka" threads come through from new followers and they never work for me....  Why Shopify thought to set up a system which would only close an order after it was fulfilled first, before "refunding" is beyond me.  Just strange.  I'm sure they had their reasons.  As a platform, I love it.  Shopify offers everything I need but it really does let itself down as a provider when there is a discussion which has a genuine need for response, only for Shopify to ignore for over four years!!!!!

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Has this been fixed? So frustrating!

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This is really interesting I tried clicking on the open and the unfulfilled tabs and the order that was cancelled and still shows unfulfilled does not show up on these reports.  But when I look at "all" it is still there with the bright orange unfulfilled (with a line through the rest of it because it was cancelled)

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I just stumbled upon this thread as I have the same issue described in 1 of the MANY responses here... I find it both hilarious and disappointing that in the 3 years this thread has been open that Shopify has failed to meet their customers needs. What a great company! Not to mention, the many issues Shopify has that they try to get you to fix with various paid apps. Quite pathetic of them actually, but from a business standpoint, the lack of effort they put in means they can keep raking in the dough on a product they don't update. So funny. 

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lol! This is amazing. I am having the same issue, and it's especially annoying because the order count on the home screen is generated from the amount of unfulfilled orders, so I apparently will never be able to get down to 0 orders to fulfill. I am shocked that others have been struggling with this for years and Shopify has done nothing. That's so disappointing. It is literally so simple.

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I’ve just stumbled across this thread as yet again doing admin to clear down unfulfilled orders because I can’t work out why I have so many, now it all makes sense. I have over 2yrs worth of partially refunded, refunded or cancelled orders stacking up. 
out of 415 of these only 50ish of these are actual orders to fulfil. It’s beyond frustrating because I have to make sure I tag orders when they come through other wise I get a huge list of unfulfilled order that need no attention. 

please please please sort this out. There needs to be an option to put these orders into a completed state rather than unfulfilled. It’s unfulfilled but is complete. 

I want to know how many orders I need to process when I get into work without having to run a report and select them.

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Wow, just wow. Three years????

This is an easy fix, why isn't it done Shopify?


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Quite simple really. They dont care as they dont see it as an issue despite all these posts telling them different!!